St. Charles Catholic Cemetery

St. Charles Catholic Cemetery

Since 1868, St. Charles Parish Cemetery has stood on the banks of the Assiniboine River.  St. Charles Church is a spiritual gathering place, alive with the parish’s bustling activities.  Year after year, the Assiniboine River meanders by the majestic trees that line the riverbank.  Church bell rings out from the towering steeple either to signify the time for worshippers to go to Mass or perhaps to attend a wedding or funeral.

Is it any wonder that many deceased parishioners chose to remain here after their passing, waiting for the day when they will rise again to reunite with their immortal soul?

Making a choice for your final resting place is not an easy one.  It is one that can be easily put off until tomorrow.  It is, however, an inevitable decision.  Will you make it for your family or will they make it for you?

St. Charles Parish Cemetery provides perpetual care for those who choose to be buried there.  The plots (for traditional burial) and columbarium (for ashes) are available to parishioners at very attractive rates.

Death as seen through the eyes of a Catholic is not the end.  It is simply the natural passage to everlasting life.  This passage is to be experienced in the light of the resurrection.  In faith, we believe that one day we will all be gathered by God to live with him eternally.


Please contact Assumption Cemetery at (204) 888-7557 for the purchase of a plot or niche in the St. Charles Cemetery.