St. Charles Peru

Mission Peru
Fr. Gerard Desmond, former Pastor of St. Charles parish, is currently working in a mission in Lima, Peru. He has been there for the past 11 years.  Christa da La Pas is a mission on the edge of the mountains within the city of Lima. There are thousands of people living in the area and the needs are very high.
Your generous support of Mission Peru will assist the people of Lima and Father Gerry with his work with the poorest of the poor. Father needs financial assist to complete his chapels. These chapels need basic things like pews, windows, missalettes, music, miscellaneous equipment, microphones, PA systems and more.
He would dearly love to build meeting rooms to support Sunday school and a meeting place for youth and adults. Father Gerry will use your donation where he sees the greatest need.
For information on how you can support this important cause, please contact the parish office.