Gift Card Program

Gift Card Donation Program
Specialty cards have been designed as an outreach project to aid the charities mentioned below.  Each card has a photo and a brief history of the organization.  The cards can be gifts for people in your life whom you would like to recognize on a special occasion.  Each of these organizations is registered charities and will supply an income receipt. Gift cards are available in the foyer office.
Our Place / Chez Nous
Our Place/Chez Nous was founded by Sr. Jane McDonald, a Sister of the Holy Cross in May 1987.  After spending a few years working in the Main Street area of Winnipeg, she realized there was a need for a place where people could find refuge from the harsh realities of their lives.  Many people in the area were living in rooming houses, hotel rooms, hostels and on the streets.  Sr. Jane wanted to offer them sanctuary in a place where they could experience their human dignity.  Sr. Jane began the center by renting a building and turning it into a Drop-In Center.  In 1996, with the help of the Catholic Church Extension Society and community donations, she bought and renovated the old Bank of Montreal across from what is now the Thunderbird House.  The simple furnishings have all been donated.  Our Place/Chez Nous Drop-In Center is funded by gifts, like this, which are donated by individuals or groups.

St. Charles Building Fund
St. Charles has an extensive history in this area.  The first church, measuring 20’ by 20’, was constructed of logs and built in 1854 to serve the Métis buffalo hunters.  In 1866 the log church was replaced by a larger frame church which was blown down by a violent windstorm on August 29th, 1884.  The parishioners rallied to the cause and the church was rebuilt on a smaller scale by December of the same year.  In 1868 the mission was raised to the dignity of a parish under the patronage of the great Bishop of Milan, St. Charles Borromeo.  In 1905 a beautiful and very ornate gothic-style brick church, 90’ by 40’, with a tower 108’ high was constructed.   On New Year’s Eve, 1928 disaster struck again and the ornate church and its contents were totally destroyed by fire.  Undaunted, the parishioners set about to rebuild their church but less ornate than before because of the onset of the Depression.  In 1987 the church was enlarged and remodeled.  On June 19, 1988, Archbishop Exner presided at the rededication.  This gift will go directly into the St. Charles “Building Fund”.

Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace
DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada. Since its founding in 1967, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE has promoted the rights of people everywhere to control their economic, political, social and cultural development. In Latin America, Africa and Asia, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE has funded local groups and grass-roots organizations that are trying to improve living conditions by encouraging alternatives to existing political and economic structures. The objective of Development and Peace is profound change, not a mere proliferation of projects whose long-term effects may often be superficial. Emergency assistance is also provided in crisis situations. 
Located in St. Malo, Manitoba, and founded by Gilbert Vielfaure, the Catholic School of Evangelization first opened its doors in 1992. Since then, the bilingual school has worked under the direction of the archdiocese of St. Boniface in Manitoba. The CSE Outreach Team facilitates workshops for youth and gives retreats to Confirmation candidates.

CSE operates summer and winter camps which bring nearly 500 youth to the school every year. Activities range from taking part in skits and praise and worship to swimming at St. Malo Beach. Your donation will be used to help operate the school and sustain its programs.


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