Children Loving Children

Children Loving Children
Half of the world's poorest people are children and there are more babies born into poverty than ever before.  Despite major advances in medicine, science and technology, one out of four babies is born into extreme poverty and adverse conditions.

In November of 2003, the children and youth of St. Charles Parish started the  Children Loving Children  fund.  Collecting between $20 and $80 a week, to date they have collected a total of over $12,700.
The young parishioners of St. Charles Parish sponsor three children through the Christian Children’s Fund - seventeen year old Tinebeb Tefera Ashenie from Ethiopia, thirteen year old Marlon Noel Matey Rivera from Nicaragua and twelve year old Ferdinand Yamkoulga from Burkina Faso.

Founded in 1938, by J. Calvitt Clarke, Christian Children’s Fund is one of the world's most respected international child development organizations. Regardless of race, origin or creed, they serve more than 13.2 million of the world’s neediest children and families in 31 countries round the world.   Sponsorship sustains family-oriented programs such as: health care, day care, safe water, nutrition, education and training programs, and projects for handicapped children.
For the last three and a half years, University of Manitoba Science student Laura Nichol has been helping to count and deposit the money which is collected every week.  Laura  has been corresponding with the sponsored children and sharing the information with other parishioners. The Christian Children's Fund staff provides a yearly report that includes an updated photo of the sponsored child, and details the sponsored child’s health, living circumstances and educational progress.
Laura Nichol says, “I think Children Loving Children really brings the church community together.  People have told me that it brings them joy to see the children running up so enthusiastically to donate their money. Raising this money teaches the youth of our parish that we have a responsibility  to help the less fortunate .   I think the children coming forward to donate money reminds the older members of our parish that our youth are present  and that they have unique talents and gifts that should be developed and used for the benefit of our community.”
Every time  the Children Loving Children fund sends a donation to the Christian Childrens’s Fund,  a donation of the same amount is sent to Canadian Food for Childern.  CFFC was founded in 1985 in Toronto by Dr. Andrew Alexander Simone and his wife, Mrs. Joan Simone, both Members of the Order of Canada since 2001.   CFFC, an independent Canadian charity, collects funds and food for distribution to starving children around the world.  Thousands of volunteers from across Canada contribute to the work of CFFC, which each year sends out more than 300 containers of food and goods for children in the poorest parts of the world.
Cara Yost, her husband Ken and their daughters are St. Charles parishioners.  Cara commented that, “It warms my heart to watch children donate money, especially to help other children in need. It reminds me of my youth, as my childhood church had a similar program and my sister and I saved a portion of our allowance to donate every week. It is a real and powerful way for families to come to the aid of the most helpless and to bring to reality the gift of charity.”