Chez Nous/Our Place

Our Place/Chez Nous Drop-In Centre
Our mission is to accept and celebrate the goodness of each unique individual and to help each other recognize our dignity and develop our self worth. 
“We do not serve the poor because they are like Jesus.  We serve the poor because they are Jesus.”
Our Place is a warm and welcoming community which seeks to create a safe, friendly, nurturing environment for all those who choose to come.
The main problem of the poor lies in the depths of their hearts, in the depths of their spirit. It is known to them simply as pain. There is a myriad of understandable reasons for that pain.  For some, it’s life long abuse, for others, family rejection or separation, and for some perhaps forms of mental or emotional illness.
A person's choice of medication for that pain, whether it is drugs, alcohol, solvent abuse or some other numbing agent underpins their present condition. Violence, prostitution, loneliness, poverty and homelessness become a way of life.
Yet in each one the Son of God lives and dies. Through them God shows His face. He comes to us in the hungry, the lonely, the alcoholic, the drug abuser, the sniffer, the prostitute.

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