Development & Peace

Development and Peace
The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada.  Development and Peace ranks as one of Canada's top development agencies along with similar organizations such as the Mennonite Central Committee.
Since its founding in 1967 by the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops, Development and Peace has promoted the rights of people everywhere to control their economic, political, social and cultural development. In Latin America, Africa and Asia, Development and Peace has funded local groups and grass-roots organizations that are trying to improve living conditions by encouraging alternatives to existing political and economic structures. The objective of Development and Peace is profound change, not a mere proliferation of projects whose long-term effects may often be superficial.  Emergency assistance is also provided in crisis situations such as the Tsunami Disaster.
Every year, the "Fall Action Campaign" is carried out to educate our Parishioners about the needs of our partners in the South.  We distribute petitions which are collected and sent to our Canadian Government to assure that these needs are met.  At St. Charles we organize a card signing Sunday.
Our "Share Lent Campaign" is the main fund raiser for Development and Peace (Canadian Organization for Development and Peace). Our parish uses the six Mondays of Lent to participate in a "Share Lent Meal".   We have videos, presentations and activities which educate the participants about the Development and Peace issues. We share fellowship and a simple meal in solidarity with our partners in the South.
We have a CCODP committee and new members and fresh ideas are always welcomed.
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