Catholic Women's League

St. James Assiniboia
Catholic Women's League

Executive 2015 - 2016

Spiritual Advisor             Fr. Paul Tinguely
President                        Louise Dansereau
                                       Marilyn Begg
Past President               Chris Carlyle
Pres Elect                      Joanne Fleury
Recording Sec               Britanny Butler
Treasurer                       Janice Butler
Corresponding Sec        Florence Pushka

Chairs - Standing Committee

Organization                   Joanne Fleury
Spiritual Development    Claire Lacroix
Christian Family Life       Laurette Burch
Community Life               Laurette Burch
Education & Health         Rose Thomas
                                        Donna Collins
Communication               Eva Arsenault
Resolutions                     Patty Lambert
Legislation                       Patty Lambert

Parish Representatives

St. John XXIII                 Elsie Rosler
St. Ann’s                        Joie Muirhead
St. Charles                    Claire Lacroix
St. Paul the Apostle       Joanne Fleury

The Catholic Women’s League is a national organization with parish councils in all provinces and territories and on military bases across Canada. The CWL is represented at various council levels - parish, diocesan, provincial and national.The CWL is a member of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations. The Catholic Women’s League Councils are parish based. St. James Assiniboia Council was formed on September 10,1986 with 39 charter members. Our Council is unique as it embraces four parishes: St. John XXIII, St. Charles, St. Paul the Apostle and St. Ann’s.  This uniqueness enables our members to celebrate fellowship and spiritually with our sisters from all four parishes.

The League encourages its members to work both in the parish and in the wider community. Members are also concerned with issues on a national and international level. The CWL supports the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace and Coady International Institute.  

General meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month at one of the four parishes as announced in the parish bulletins.


St. Charles Parish                  

St. John XXIII                         

St. Paul the Apostle and St. Ann’s

National CWL                         


St. Charles Catholic Parish
320 St. Charles Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  R3K 1T7
Tel: (204) 889-3248  Fax: (204) 885-1997  Email:

Planning Calendar from September 2014 - June 2015

Oct. 27         St. Paul’s Sr. Therese Jasmin - Religion VS Spirituality

Nov. 24         St. John 23 Elections

Dec. 8 St.     St. Charles Christmas Party

Jan. 26         St.Charles Film “Be Happy”

Feb. 23        St. Paul’s Installation of new executive, welcoming and

                    social evening

Mar. 23        St. John 23 Annette Kohut - Development and Peace

Ap. 25          St. Charles Karen Toole Retreat

May 25        St. John 23 Potluck Windup and Auction

The goals of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada are to:

  • Achieve individual and collective spiritual development
  • Promote teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Exemplify the Christian ideal in home and community life
  • Protect the sanctity of human life
  • Enhance the role of women in church and society
  • Recognize human dignity of all people everywhere
  • Uphold and defend Christian education and values in the modern world
  • Contribute to the understanding and growth of religious freedoms, social
  • justice and peace and harmony
  • Lobby government through resolution process

St. James Assiniboia Council Parish Activities

  • Ministry of the Sick
  • Pastoral Care - Grace Hospital and Senior Care Homes
  • Ministry of the Eucharist
  • Ministry of the Word
  • Ministry of Hospitality
  • Ministry of Music and Liturgy
  • Members of the Sacristy Team
  • Catechists
  • Parish Pastoral Council
  • Funeral Committee
  • Stewardship
  • Volunteers for Parish Social Events
  • Hosting a retreat
  • Mothers’ Day Tea and Craft Sale
  • Christmas Craft and Bake Sale

Members’ Celebrations & Activities

  • CWL Provincial Day of Celebration
  • Diocesan, Provincial and National Conventions
  • Annual Christmas dinner
  • Initiated 21 resolutions at CWL Diocesan Convention
  • Spring Pot Luck Dinner Wind-Up
  • Participation in World Day of Prayer
  • Presentation of Service Pins, Merit Awards and Maple Leaf Service Pins
  • Prayer Calendar and quarterly Council Newsletter
  • Provide Sympathy and Get Well cards to members
  • Honour Guard at funerals
  • Promote 40 Days of Life
  • Promote blood donations
  • Outreach Programs
  • Organize reception for Annual Anointing Mass at St. John XXIII
  • Support Alpha House annually
  • Support Pregnancy and Family Services
  • Support Brooklands School and St. Charles School annually
  • Support Kee-Pas Mission
  • Represent Council at funeral Masses
  • Offer Mass for deceased members and or families
  • Present gifts to First Communicants and RCIA participants annually
  • Support diocesan seminarians with prayer
  • Support Dignity House