Liturgy Committee

Liturgy Committee
Liturgy is the public act of worship of the believing community. In the liturgy we encounter God in word and sacrament, in the presider and in the assembly at prayer. In addition to immediate preparation for celebrations, the liturgy committee also needs to undertake long-term planning. This involves oversight of the "big picture" of parish liturgies across the entire liturgical year. Looking back at the way feasts and seasons were celebrated is an important learning experience for liturgy planners. What worked well that should be retained?  What needs to be revised, improved or eliminated in the future?
Good liturgy doesn't just happen. For every act of worship there are prayers of the faithful to be written, a worship space to be made ready, music to be chosen and practiced, Lectors, Communion Ministers, Hospitality Ministers, and altar servers to be scheduled. These tasks fall to the liturgy committee. The Liturgy Committee is made up of various groups. Please contact us if you wish to become involved.
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