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 Date Set for the 
Harvest Supper 
 Sunday, September 25, 2016

Father Michael helping parish volunteers
 serve food at last year's Harvest Supper.

A fall supper is a tradition which brings people together while having a delicious home-cooked meal.  It’s an opportunity to meet friends and neighbours and to catch up on all the news.  

Every year over 150 volunteers offer their services for the St. Charles Parish Harvest Supper.  In the weeks prior to the supper, parishioners will be busy advertising the event, selling tickets, cleaning the kitchen, buying groceries, and decorating the hall.  

Over 65 pounds of cabbage needs to be shredded for coleslaw and 60 pounds of bread cubed for turkey stuffing. Over 400 pounds of turkey will be roasted to feed as many as 600 adults and children. New friends are made and old friends are reacquainted  during a marathon of peeling 250 pounds of potatoes. 

One of the regular volunteers is Fran Blanchard.  “The fall supper is hard work but it is fun to do.  It gives me a chance to meet people from my parish I don’t know because they attend Mass at a different time.  It’s great to meet new people and do something good for the parish”.

 People of all ages come to help.  In some cases, entire families volunteer the day of the supper.  Many of the volunteers are seniors who have helped host the fall suppers for over 30 years  along with grade four students from St. Charles Catholic School across the street from the church.

Building camaraderie and teamwork, this event invites volunteers to unite and work towards a common goal.   Besides earning  funds for the parish, this event strengthens trust, solidarity and reciprocity among St. Charles  parishioners.  That’s a tradition worth keeping alive.  

This year the supper is on Sunday, September 25.  For more information and tickets call Meg 204-837-7157 or the church office 204-889-3248.

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